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Web Presence

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Web Presence

We introduced recently the Web Presence package, providing presentation company website, service customer platform and service booking application. We built it completely from scratch, without any upfront cost. We’ll provide images for your website and photography services when required, so you don’t need to find designers and photographers. All comes in a package with support and hosting paid as a monthly cost with 0 upfront costs and 0 risks. You don’t like it, you can anytime stop the service.

Business Consultancy

Is it difficult to create a website? For sure the answer is no. But how about creating a website representative for you? Well, that’s why first of all we want to listen and understand your business and only after we know each other we will start any technical implementation. This step is crucial, as we want to present you to the world wide web in a way that stands out naturally.

Company Website

A company website is fundamental for your web presence. This is why we will build a website from scratch for you, all-included. We will provide images and graphic design, as well as professional photography services, if required. We will also help on writing good content so that you’ll be among the first to come up in Google search.

Images and Photography Services provided by

Booking Module

Do you want to allow your Customers to book your services online? Your Customers will be more happy to book appointments with you and your working staff will be relieved to have a predictable working plan.

Customer Service Platform

Keeping in touch with your Customers and serving them even after the sale is done is the key to make them come back. With a professional Customer Service platform you can answer their questions and complains, receive new orders and keep them happy. Internally you can easily track the time spent by your staff so you make sure that costs are controlled.


To make it simple: we’ll make sure your site stays online and adjust according to your needs. You need to change content or add a new page on your website? No problem, the support is covering it.


Standard package (company website, booking module, customer service module) costs 50 EUR/month. This also includes 3h of support with next business day first response SLA.

How to order

Start by sending an e-mail to