Bluedrive Support Manager

Bluedrive Support Manager is a modern distributed service desk solution allowing organization to conduct all customer service operations from a single pane of glass while enforcing and automating best practices. […]

Bluedrive Bluefactor

Bluefactor is a software solution which helps services and applications to provide easy two-factor / multi-factor authentication based on what a user has – possession. It supports SMS delivery of […]

Bluedrive SecureVoting

Electronic Voting Application – Simple & Secure Bluedrive SecureVoting application is a blockchain backed electronic voting platform. It leverages the features embedded in the blockchain technology to provide a secure […]

Bluedrive Management Center

BMC allows administrators to manage their computers and network devices by accessing a single central point. Supporting common management protocols like SSH, RDP, VNC and TELNET, BMC allows you to […]

Cloud Appliances

Openstack Images Network Appliances PfSense Openstack Qcow Image: pfsense-CE-2.3.4.qcow2 Initial setup to be performed over console. Validated on Ocata.   VyOS Openstack Qcow Image: vyos-1.1.7.qcow2 Initial setup to be performed over console. […]

Web Presence

Web Presence We introduced recently the Web Presence package, providing presentation company website, service customer platform and service booking application. We built it completely from scratch, without any upfront cost. […]

Bluedrive Ansible Playbooks Pack

Streamline Deployment Bluedrive Ansible Playbooks pack is a collection of Ansible playbooks allowing you to deploy seamlessly the necessary tools for your infrastructure. The following tools are included in the […]