Project name:

Bluedrive SecureVoting

Project description:

Electronic Voting Application – Simple & Secure

Bluedrive SecureVoting application is a blockchain backed electronic voting platform. It leverages the features embedded in the blockchain technology to provide a secure voting experience. SecureVoting is the electronic voting application of the future.


Secure and secret – each vote is completely secret and secured by cryptographic algorithms

Protected access – access to the voting process can be secured in multiple ways

Multiple voting systems supported – Supports direct or delegation voting

No trust required – every party involved will get transparent access to all the voting process

Instant results – the final results of the vote are available instantly to everyone

How to use it?

The classic setup is to deploy one instance of our electronic voting application on each voting location. Depending on the scenario, you can also enable web access to the voting platform to allow people to vote easily from the Internet. Before the voting starts, you need to configure the voting parameters for the process and to enable the right security settings.

Once voting is started, people can access the voting platform based on the security policies you configured. You can enable access protection based on temporary accounts (password based), smart cards or smart IDs. Once a voter access is verified by the system, he or she can simply express the vote.

The system records every vote in real time and provides final results once the voting window is over. Blockchain technology records every vote in a ledger distributed on all the system nodes, so that records cannot be falsified. All voting options are signed with cryptographic algorithms providing secrecy and security for the entire process.


Pricing for the SecureVoting electronic voting applications is very simple. It starts from 999 EUR / SecureVoting instance, with basic security setup measures. For more details, feel free to contact us.


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