Project name:

Bluedrive Ansible Playbooks Pack

Project description:

Streamline Deployment

Bluedrive Ansible Playbooks pack is a collection of Ansible playbooks allowing you to deploy seamlessly the necessary tools for your infrastructure.

The following tools are included in the playbooks already:

  • Status pages, using Cachet HQ – update your customers about the status of your services
  • Apache web server (+ php 5.6) – hosting for your web applications
  • MariaDB database server
  • HAProxy load balancer / reverse proxy – secure access to application servers and scale on multiple nodes
  • ELK stack (Elasticsearch cluster, Logstash and Kibana) – build your big-data event analytics engine and stay ahead of your competition
  • Jenkins robot – add more power to your workforce, especially for the boring repetitive tasks
  • Monitoring solution: Zabbix – implement highly flexible monitoring solution
  • Application server: Tomcat – run java web applications

On the way:

  • Versioning System: Gitlab
  • Issue tracking: Jira / OpenProject

You can find the project here.