Our Services

Cloud Deployments

Openstack cloud deployments made easier.

API Design

Design & implement APIs for advanced services and integrations.

Blockchain Development

We build blockchain based applications and blockchain infrastructures.

Infrastructure Services

Professional services for planning and building IT infrastructures.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application development for iOS and Android

Our Mission

At Bluedrive Solutions, we like innovating every detail. Our business is focused on providing cloud and blockchain applications to our customers. Our engineers have excellent experience in designing / building clouds or blockchain networks and we have developers ready to implement software on top of these components to satisfy your business requirements.

We are committed to supporting blockchain technology. This is why we are the main partner of Blockchain Romania Community.

For starters, we invite you to explore our projects.

If you need more details, please feel free to contact us.

Blockchain Applications

Our Bluedrive SecureVoting application is one of our first blockchain-based solutions. It is built on top of Multichain and it is a great example of what blockchains can do, apart from moving cryptocurrencies around. Do you need a custom-built blockchain application? Feel free to contact us to discuss more.

Modern Applications

Any modern application provides today advanced APIs and specialised user interfaces for desktop and mobile platforms. We provide full services, starting from application & API design all the way up to the mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Add our infrastructure experience in the mix and you can have the software you imagine up and running without moving a finger.

Cloud Services

First of all, our staff's experience in Openstack cloud deployments is very consistent. Our engineers have been involved in multiple Openstack projects around the world, including deployment and management services for some Governmental clouds. We are ready to provide cloud consulting, deployment and management for you.

Our projects