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Bluedrive Solutions provides online and in-class Blockchain trainings with serious hands-on lab activities included. The courses and the venues will be announced on this pages, but there is always the option of having a trainer coming on your premises to conduct the sessions.

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Reliable permissioned blockchain

Building the Blockchain – Code B1X01


Building the Blockchain is the foundation for understanding and using the blockchain technology. The training covers all the fundamental aspects of the blockchain, illustrated practically using MultiChain open-source software.


In this course you will learn

• The fundamental concepts of blockchain
• How to install and configure a blockchain network (based on MultiChain)
• The algorithms behind blockchain
• Public vs Permissioned blockchains
• How to create and use your own coin
• Storing data immutably in a blockchain
• Troubleshoot blockchain networks
• Solve real-world problems with Blockchain

Duration: 2 days + 4h evaluation

Modules by day

Day 1 (8h)

1. Introduction to Blockchain. Real world examples of using the technology – 2h
2. Installing and creating your own blockchain with MultiChain – 2h
3. Blockchain algorithms (PoW, PoS, mining, transactions, etc.) – 2h
4. Creating blockchain assets / coins. Exploring the blockchain. – 2h

Day 2 (8h)

5. MultiChain API. How to use the API – 2h
6. Automating blockchain tasks using Python – 2h
7. Storing data in Blockchain. Log forwarding for immutable audit trail – 2h
8. Monitoring the blockchain – 2h

Day 3 (4h)

9. Evaluation – 4h


300 EUR / person + VAT

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  • 1-3 October, Location: Bucharest

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