Project name:

Bluedrive Bluefactor

Project description:

Bluefactor is a software solution which helps services and applications to provide easy two-factor / multi-factor authentication based on what a user has – possession. It supports SMS delivery of codes as well as OTPs generated by the mobile app provided (iPhone iOS support only at the moment). OTPs generated on the mobile app can be protected based on Biometric authentication.


  • Secure & simple way to integrate two-factor / multi-factor authentication in your software
  • Simple OTP generation and verification
  • Mobile App (iOS support)
  • Biometric Protected OTP codes

Bluefactor Bluedrive-mfa

Bluefactor provides a core two factor authentication component (bluedrive-mfa) which generates and verifies codes based on secure rules. The component is very robust and can be integrated with any software solution for generating / delivering codes using either native libraries or CLI tools.

Native libraries available:
• Python
• PHP (soon)
• Java (soon)

CLI environments supported:
• Bash (with Python)
• Powershell

Bluedrive-2fa supports OTP code delivery through SMS and codes generated by Bluefactor iOS app (including Biometric Protected OTPs).

What is included in Bluedrive-mfa?

The modules included in core Bluedrive-mfa provide you the following methods:

  • verifymfa – used for checking a code supplied by user
  • codemfa – generates a new code

Methods for SMS delivery can be provided separately.

Bluefactor iOS App

Provides a secure way of generating OTP codes on Apple iOS platform. You can download the application from Apple Store and use it to generate codes for all the applications providing two factor authentication services based on Bluedrive’s Bluefactor.

Bluefactor iOS app provides enhanced security by providing you the ability to protect your codes with Biometric Security (Touch ID & Face ID).

How to use the app?

First step is very simple, you download it from Apple Store and lunch it on your phone. Start the app and visit Settings page to generate a new Seed string using “Reset Seed” button. At this point you can enable Biometric Protection.

two-factor / multi-factor authentication solution
You can view & reset Seed and manage Biometric Authentication.

In order to register your app with a service providing two-factor / multi-factor authentication based on Bluedrive Bluefactor you need to complete the Seed string in the service’s profile. Share your Seed string details only over secure channels (eg. verified HTTPS). Never share your Seed with any untrusted party and keep it secret.

One you have registered your App instances based on your Seed string, you can hit the “Get new code” button from the main app view to access your latest valid authentication code.

Press “Get new code!”, Authenticate yourself and check the code!

Why to use the mobile app?

Bluedrive Bluefactor provides some enhancements from the security perspective:
• Codes are generated locally, nothing is sent over Internet, so nobody can intercept your OTP (SMSes can be intercepted)
• The app works even when you have no GSM network coverage or Wi-Fi connection
• Biometric authentication enhances even further the security


The Bluedrive-mfa is provided free of charge for non-profit uses and demo purposes. For business software integration, we charge the following fees:
• License Fee – 199 EUR (one-time fee)
• Monthly Support – Starting from 50 EUR / month, depending on the requested SLAs

The access to mobile app is and will always be free for any kind of users.

Suggestions & Support

For any questions and support please contact us: – Mobile Apps related issues – Anything else

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