Project name:

Bluedrive Management Center

Project description:

BMC allows administrators to manage their computers and network devices by accessing a single central point. Supporting common management protocols like SSH, RDP, VNC and TELNET, BMC allows you to access your devices using a simple browser. Don’t bother about adding each device to the management system: BMC will discover the network automatically.

The enterprise version adds the following features:

  • SSL security
  • Asynchronous scans
  • Scans started from WebUI
  • Improved design

Simple to deploy in virtual and cloud, BMC is bundled as a virtual machine for KVM or VMware environment. For less complex environments, we recommend using VMware Player.

Bluedrive Management Center provides a single management point for your network devices and servers. You can access devices via SSH or Telnet through your own web browser. But now comes the fun part: from the same browser you can access VNCconsoles and Windows machines through RDP! You can control your KVM fleet from your favourite browser completely clientless.

BMC includes a simple management interface accessible through SSH or direct console access. You can configure up to two NICs, discover your network and secure secure the appliance.

Connect to Windows machines or VNC consoles from the web browser. It is that simple! Now you can allow terminal access to KVM machine consoles easily and also implement user-based security.

Please contact us for a quote on the enterprise version.

Download Proof of Concept appliance for free!

OVA for VMware/VirtualBox

Default credentials:

OS: user configure, password configure

Web Application (/view): user admin, password admin

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